Site Analysis

Site Analysis

Website analysis is an integral part of any SEO campaign. An accurate analysis helps you in determining your position in the market. However, in order to get started with the process, you need to analyze the site you own as well as your competitor’s. You also need to delve deep to find out the industry presence of the website and the factors which are important for the success of SEO strategy.
While doing site analysis, you need to look after the following areas:

  • Inclusion of onsite elements in website
  • Design analysis
  • Content work
  • Maintenance & Updating
  • Analysis of competitor’s site
  • Industry Research
  • Keywords research and analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Site promotion

Search Analytics

Search Analytics

Search Analytics is useful in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Search analytics statistics can help site owners track their performance on various search engines, increase site functionality, efficiency and ultimately map out future strategies. It’s a good method to analyze search trends and use the available information to one’s own benefit.
Search analytics comprises the following key steps:

  • Analysis of search trends
  • Analysis of keywords
  • Overview of search results
  • Reverse search methods
  • Analysis of the websites
  • Planning advertisement spending
  • Analysis of Ad records
  • Analysis of affiliate marketing data
  • Extensive Ad testing

SEO Management

The tasks involved in search engine optimization and SEO management are intricate and complex. The process includes keyword analysis, creating site structure, content management and result analysis. In order to ensure top ranking of a webpage on search engines such as Google, you need to incorporate effective SEO management strategies. Well planned SEO management techniques also help maintain reputation of the brand.
A comprehensive SEO management work includes:

  • Building & starting PPC campaign
  • Analyzing content
  • Prioritizing content
  • Checking keywords relevance
  • Grouping keywords
  • Analyzing market
  • Creating Ad texts
  • Suggesting landing page
  • Blogging/ Press Release

Analysis Tools

Various paid as well as free website analysis tools are available in the market. You can use these analysis tools to know about hits, visits, page views and referrers on the site. It also helps you determine unique visitors, page views, searched keywords and conversion rate on your website. You can track users who have registered with your site using these tools. Besides, several other elements can also be checked with the help of these tools.
Some of the popular free, cheap and premium analysis tools are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Site Meter
  • Stat Counter
  • Mint
  • WebTrends
  • Analog
  • Piwik
  • Indextools
  • Google Website Optimizer