Alexa Internet, Inc. was established in April 1996. The company was created to display intelligent web operations, keeping in mind the web trends and behaviors. In its journey, Alexa has built a large base of toolbars and Web crawls. It has also provided us with a strong infrastructure that takes care of data processing and serving. Today, the web world has undergone a tremendous change and experienced a revolution. The intelligent evolution of the web world and its success stories can be attributed to the services and products offered by Alexa.

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Products & Services of Alexa

Alexa’s extensive product and service range helps website owners, developers, researchers and merchants better understand the behaviors of the web world and how it operates. Alexa provides information pertaining to related links, traffics and site ranking. You can explore Alexa’s list of top sites to gain information on websites from different countries. Alexa’s products and services can also help you generate revenue, increase your site traffic and spot broken links.

Some of the most coveted Alexa solutions are:

  • Alexa Toolbar.
  • Alexa Web Services
  • Site Owner Tools

About Alexa Tools

By using Alexa products and services, you can ensure optimum benefits for your business. Alexa tools help you optimize your site. You can update information on your site as well as interact with users. Alexa tools can also help you improve site’s traffic rank and reviews. You can also place advertisements on the site.
Some effective Alexa tools include:

  • Alexa widgets
  • Editing Tools
  • Alexa Site Audit

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