Compete is a well-established web analytics enterprise. The company does analysis of web pages as well as conduct surveys to get internet users’ response. By observing online behavior of the users, Compete helps client companies better their marketing strategies. It also enables you to understand the search marketing campaigns of rival companies so that your SEO and SEM work can generate best desired results.
Compete is helpful in the following areas:

  • Obtaining free information on any website
  • Accessing traffic records
  • Exploring promotional codes
  • Trust scores for specific site

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Compete Analytics Tools

The analytics tools offered by Compete help you understand a site’s acquisition campaign. You get to know search trends, site ranks, referral sources as well as the filtering capabilities using these tools. These elements are important in determining the increase or decrease in traffic to a site. By using Compete analytics tools, you can effectively plan your SEM and SEO strategies.
Three most famous Compete Analytic Tools are:

  • Search Analytics Tool.
  • Ranked Lists Tool.
  • Referral Analytics Tool.

Compete Products & Services

The vast range of products and services of Compete help media houses, advertisers and agencies build competitive websites and focused ad campaigns. Compete’s product range is inclusive of planning and measurement tools for online media. The other verticals that can also benefit from Compete’s services include financial institutions, retails, travel and telecom industries.
Some specific Compete products and services include:

  • Online Channel Effectiveness Measures.
  • Marketing Effectiveness Measures
  • Landing Page Effectiveness Solutions
  • Target Surveys
  • Ad Impact
  • Search Analytics Select

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