Quantcast is a leading web analytics enterprise that creates strong statistical technology to determine the target audience for digital media. The expert team at Quantcast helps publishers of different strengths understand their main audiences and gain maximum advertising rates. Media agencies and marketers seek the help of Quantcast to locate their potential online audiences across the globe. The site gives viewers an access to the audience reports pertaining to different digital media.
Quantcast proves helpful in the following areas:

  • Understanding of over 220 million internet users in USA.
  • Simplifying media plans.
  • Ensuring useful investment plans
  • Acquiring information about media properties

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Quantcast Methodology

Quantcast creates audience data for people as well as cookies count. With the help of its direct measurement system, Quantcast analyzes the frequency of visits and conversion of cookies to people. It gathers data from the various websites falling under the domain of Quantified Publishers. The collected data do not contain any personal information. Using Quantcast Publisher model, the digital media publishers can get an insight on their content properties.
Quantcast methodology is found useful in the following areas:

  • Identifying cookies.
  • Identifying people
  • Tackling cookie deletion
  • Dealing with cookie correction

Quantcast Audience Service

This is a new service in the web analytics domain that allows the direct measurement of audience and traffic. The Quantcast Audience Service enables marketers and publishers to work in close coordination with each other through effective strategies and campaigns. It generates unbiased results and audience data. The innovative service is useful for various media properties such as audio, video, websites, advertising campaigns and downloads.
Quantcast audience service ensures following solutions:

  • Integration of audience data at adserver stage.
  • Target audiences for advertisers
  • Access to flexible and easy methods
  • Targeting strengths of publishers

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